Missing Person

  • Missing persons is an epidemic. In the age of the internet with the predators luring away teens, supercomputers, connectivity, and CSI how can there be over 110,000 (a conservative figure estimated in 2009) people whose locations are unknown in the United States.
  • There are over 40,000 unidentified dead throughout the United States. The majority, if not all, were reported as missing somewhere!
  • Law Enforcement missing persons’ detectives are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of missing persons’ cases.

It has been our experience that by the time we are asked, as a private investigator, to get involved, things have moved from the “Acute Phase” (The period from disappearance to about the first 96 hours), and already in the “Transitional Phase” (From 96 hours to one month).

The fact is a vast majority of missing person cases resolve themselves by the return of the missing person, and with no intervention from law enforcement. However, many of these cases go unreported leaving the majority that have been at the risk of not being located due to a misguided perception that people will disappear and return at will without cause for concern.

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